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plastship is your expert for
Design for Recycling

plastship provides expert advice to optimize the recyclability of your plastic products and packaging, helping you achieve a sustainable market advantage.

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Consulting on Design for Recycling

Whether plastic products or packaging, with plastship you have access to a vast wealth of knowledge to design your products for recyclability and/or assess the recyclability of your products. We offer solutions for the following cases:

  • Assessment of Recyclability

    in household waste streams

  • Assessment of Recyclability

    in commercial material streams

  • Assessment of Recyclability

    for production waste

  • Consulting on certification systems

    Which certification system to use for what purpose?

  • Consulting on material flow management

    How are waste streams organized and how should they be?

  • Consultation on take-back concepts

    How can our own waste streams be reused as raw materials?

We assess your case individually. Evaluations are possible for plastic packaging, plastic semi-finished products, and plastic products – essentially for every stage of the value chain and every production output where waste is generated before or after use of a product.

Factors for assessing Recyclability

When assessing the recyclability of design concepts, we adhere to the established definitions by RecyClass. Additionally, our evaluation incorporates recognized assessment methods and legal definitions as stipulated, for example, in the Packaging Act (VerpackG), by the Central Packaging Register Agency, and in the Circular Economy Act (KrWG).


The product must be made from plastic that is collected for recycling, has market value, and/or is supported by a legally mandated program.


The product must be sorted and consolidated into defined streams for recycling processes.


The product can be processed and recycled using standard market recycling methods.


The recycled plastic becomes a raw material used in manufacturing new products.

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