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Procurement and distribution of plastic recyclates and waste

We promote your business success through sustainable support in the marketing and procurement of your materials - be it plastic recyclates or waste.

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At plastship, we offer customized procurement of quality-assured, recycled plastics, supported by a digital platform that brings transparency and efficiency to your supply chain. With plastship, you secure a partner who harmonizes sustainability and your profitability.

Our services for your material procurement

  • Recording of product requirements

  • Use of the plastship supplier network

  • Management of material flows for traceability

  • Production of recyclates according to your specification

  • Supplier management to ensure compliance

  • Laboratory analysis to ensure material quality

  • Provision of material in containers according to your requirements

  • Ensuring delivery reliability

  • Ensuring material compliance

At plastship, we offer customised strategies for placing your offers, ensure the quality of your recycled plastics, guarantee transparency and compliance with regulations, build long-term partnerships and guarantee a continuous flow of materials to ensure your success in the plastics industry in the long term.

Our services for your material marketing

  • Broad network

  • Market knowledge

  • Digital platform

  • Individual strategies

  • Quality assurance

  • Transparency and compliance

  • Certifications and consulting

  • Long-term partnerships

  • Complaints management

Take advantage of all the benefits in procurement and marketing that a network like plastship offers.

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