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We market your production waste

Take advantage of our comprehensive network and know-how at plastship to market your production waste not only in an environmentally friendly way, but also profitably - we turn your waste into valuable resources.

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At plastship, we start the process of factory disposal with a detailed analysis of your specific situation, followed by a customized concept development that is geared towards efficiency and sustainability. All with the aim of ensuring that your materials are recycled in a way that not only makes ecological sense, but also maximizes their economic value.

In the preliminary analysis, we determine the volume and type of your company's production waste in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the initial situation and lay the foundation for the next steps. If required, we can also determine the recyclability of your products and production waste.

We conduct a thorough market analysis to understand the current trends, prices and demand for different types of recyclable materials that can be recovered from your waste.

By segmenting your waste streams, we can divide your waste into different categories to maximize recycling and develop tailored marketing strategies for each category.

We develop a logistics and collection concept that aims to make the collection, separation and transportation of your waste as efficient and cost-effective as possible.


  • Pilot projects

    Before we implement full-scale plant disposal, we usually start a pilot project to test the developed processes and optimize them if necessary to ensure seamless scaling.

  • Industry network

    Our industry network enables synergies and network effects. Our digital tools ensure transparency and efficiency. Our experienced team ensures that plant waste disposal is environmentally friendly and economically viable. We promote a sustainable circular economy and bring your company one step closer to sustainability with innovative solutions.

Use plastship for optimal organization of your plant waste disposal

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