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With plastship, you stay informed about the latest developments in plastics recycling. We provide you with a selection of internal news, external expert articles, studies, and interviews, as well as current events in the industry.

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  • What is EuCertPlast? 

    June 18, 2024 · The EuCertPlast certification confirms a high quality standard of a recyclate manufacturer.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The EuCertPlast certification is currently in a transition phase and will soon be replaced by the RecyClass certification "RecyClass Recycling Process Certification".

    • Rezyklat-Qualität
    • Recyclingmarkt


Gain valuable insights into the circular economy with plastics in our interviews with leading experts. Learn more about the current state of the industry, innovative trends, and significant developments. Stop by and form your own opinion.

"It is crucial to recognize that we have the opportunity and that we could succeed."

Dr. Dirk Textor in an interview with plastship about the current status of plastics recycling.

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"The biggest challenges are ultimately also the greatest opportunities."

Jan Bauer, Managing Director of RIGK GmbH, discusses with plastship the challenges that the industry faces in implementing the circular economy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • plastship is a subsidiary of the take-back system operator RIGK GmbH. RIGK was founded over 30 years ago by the industry for trade and industry - with the aim of returning packaging to the circular economy. The company operates 8 take-back systems for industry and commerce with a focus on industrial packaging made of plastic and agricultural plastics. RIGK thus organizes and operates collection systems so that plastic packaging and other plastics can be recycled to a high standard - plastship, together with its recycling partners, ensures sensibly organized material flows through to the reuse of the recyclates, for example in packaging. 

  • Plastship is more than just a marketplace - it is a comprehensive trading and service platform specializing in the field of recycled plastics. In addition to brokering trade transactions between sellers and buyers, plastship also offers active support in the procurement, marketing and distribution of recycled plastics and plastic waste. In addition, plastship provides consulting services, helps to set up plant disposal and material flow management and actively promotes the circular economy in the plastics sector through its network and expertise.

  • Plastship is a trading and service platform that specializes in the recycled plastics sector. The company supports other companies in making their use of plastics more sustainable. The core services include:
    Sourcing of recycled plastics and plastic waste: Plastship facilitates the purchase and sale of recycled plastic materials.
    Marketing and distribution: The company supports the marketing of plastic waste and recycled plastics.
    Consulting: Plastship offers consulting services regarding the market for recycled plastics and helps with the assessment of material qualities.
    Development of plant disposal / material flow management: The company helps with the organization and optimization of plant disposal and the management of material flows.
    Plastship uses digitalization to create an efficient network between plastics disposal companies, plastics recyclers and plastics processors and promotes the use of recyclates in the plastics industry.

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