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Premium Partner

Premium Partner


“Organising the recovery of plastics nationwide, efficiently and legally for the industry and agriculture – for our environment and for sustainable, responsible handling of valuable resources”. That is the mission statement with which RGK began over 25 years ago. Founded by the industry for the industry, commerce and agriculture, we represent the standard today across Germany for the plastics and chemicals industry and numerous other branches.

Carmen Trantow


Languages: German


Offers from our Premium Partner

  • PE-HD schwarz weiß 

    ID: 2575

    HDPE hail protection nets without metal components and no foreign plastic parts attached

    • Ballenware
  • PE-HD post consumer bunt 

    ID: 831

    No sale to traders! HDPE bulk container, canister >5L (barrel, canister, IBC's), mixed colored, in bales, purity: >95%, remark: empty container, no cross-linkes products, loading weight: >15t per truck

    • Ballenware
  • PE-LLD post consumer green mixed 

    ID: 830

    No sale to traders! LLDPE bale stretch film Film thickness thin (< 90 µm), colours green or white, material is swept clean Min. 22 tonnes per truck

    • Bales
  • PE-LD post consumer natural 

    ID: 829

    No sale to traders! LDPE perforated film Film thickness > 90 µm, natural colour, material is swept clean, residual dirt adhesions possible. Min. 22 tonnes per truck

    • Bales
  • PE-LD post consumer schwarz 

    ID: 828

    No sale to traders! LDPE mulchfilm, thickness < 40 µm, typically black in colour, contamination: mud/ dirt/ soil, in bales, loading weight ca. 24t

    • Ballenware
  • PP post consumer bunt 

    ID: 827

    No sale to traders! PP used big bags discharge, white/coloured, in bales, purity: >95%, remark: different qualities (A/B/C - parts of carbon wire), loading weight: >20t per truck

    • Ballenware

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