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Our services are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to use recycled plastics and source materials from sustainably available material streams. 

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Discover a new era of plastics procurement and distribution with plastship: we are your reliable partner for the procurement of high-quality, recycled plastics and their efficient marketing. Thanks to our extensive network and digital platform, we optimize your supply chain, reduce your ecological footprint and increase your competitiveness. With plastship, you can rely on tailor-made solutions, transparent processes and sustainable value creation that make the difference in a future-oriented plastics industry.

Optimise your plant disposal with plastship: We are your experts for efficient material flow management and the professional disposal of plastic waste. Our tailor-made solutions ensure environmentally friendly and cost-efficient recycling of your production residues. With our digital platform and our network of specialized partners, we simplify the disposal process, minimize your environmental impact and help conserve natural resources. Rely on plastship to make your factory waste disposal sustainable and increase your operational efficiency at the same time.

Unlock the full potential of recycled plastics with plastship: We offer you an extensive database for high-quality recycled plastic materials. Our platform allows you to quickly and easily access detailed information on different grades and types of recycled plastics. With plastship, you can optimize your material selection, increase your product quality and promote the circular economy. Rely on our database to make informed decisions and achieve your sustainability goals.

Take advantage of plastship's expertise for precise material analyses: We offer you comprehensive analysis services to accurately determine the quality and properties of your recycled plastics. With state-of-the-art methods and our technical expertise, we guarantee meaningful results that help you to optimize the performance of your products and ensure compliance with industry standards. Rely on plastship to bring transparency to your production processes through targeted material analyses and to maximize the quality assurance of your plastics.

Benefit from plastship's expertise in Design for Recycling: We offer tailor-made consulting services to maximize the recyclability of your products right from the start. Through our targeted advice, we support you in designing materials and production processes to meet the requirements of efficient recycling. With plastship, you can rely on sustainable product design that not only protects the environment, but also saves costs in the long term and increases the acceptance of your products on the market. Rely on our expertise to develop your products in a sustainable and recycling-friendly way.


We look forward to hearing from you at any time and will be happy to help and advise you. 

  • To receive a customized offer from plastship, simply contact us by e-mail with the following key information:

    Your request: brief description of your needs regarding buying, selling or consulting around recycled plastics.

    Material and quantity details: Details of the plastics required or to be offered.

    Time frame: Desired date for implementation or offer preparation.

    Company details: Name and contact details of your company for prompt feedback.

    We look forward to supporting you with our expertise and creating sustainable value together.

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