Assessment of recyclability

We certify the recyclability of your packaging and products by our independent method. We help you to improve the sustainability of your packaging and products while saving costs.

We certify the recyclability of your packaging

We assess the recyclability of your packaging by a standardized method according to the minimum standard of Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister and the industrially available recycling processes.

We invested much time into the development of a test method which allows for the assessment of complete packaging assortments. Uncomplicated, comprehensible, and independent.

We completely relieve you from further individual operations. We take care of all related steps to certify the recyclability of your packaging.

Standardized input

We can determine the recyclability of complete packaging assortments by use of our standardized data base. Just use our template and the specifications of your packaging producers to test one packaging for free.


By our standardized calculation method, we can measure and certify the recyclability of your packaging. We comply with the minimum standard of Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister.


As a result we deliver an overview of your packaging or product portfolio and can illustrate measures to optimize sustainabiltiy. Always with the aim to save costs for you. We work tightly together with partners from the recycling industry to deliver realistic assessments.

plastship zertifiziert die Recyclingfähigkeit von Verpackungen und Produkten und optimiert deren Nachhaltigkeit

Your advantages

Assess recyclability

  • 01

    Independent and external assessment and certification

  • 02

    Determination of recyclability for complete packaging assortments

  • 03

    Possible savings through external assessment and the definition of packaging groups

  • 04

    Compliance with the requirements of Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister

Optimize recyclability

  • 01

    Inclusive identification of easy-to-optimize packaging

  • 02

    Definition of optimization possibilities

  • 03

    Documentation of changes and free sequential tests

  • 04

    Cost reductions concerning the fees for Dual Systems

Establish independence by knowledge oft he circular economy and promote your image by communicating your measures to customers. Referring to §21 VerpackG the recyclability of packaging will affect license fees for Dual Systems by this year.

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We assess one of your products free of charge and present the results to you. You decide how to proceed.

Standardized input

To measure recyclability the packaging needs to be divided into

  1. its packaging components including the name of the component
  2. the used raw material within the component
  3. the component‘s weight in Gram
  4. its color,
  5. for films and layers (barriers) the layer thickness in Micrometer
  6. for PO components information about used fillers

Information about the solubility in water of the used glues are as well important for the assessment. The specifications of your packaging producer and the data compliance with our template at the end of this page help us to conduct the assessments in an organized and documented manner.

We are at your disposal with our support and advice concerning the data needed for assessment. We establish the data base on demand.

To get a first impression would like to offer you to fill out the template at the end of this page. We assess the recyclability of your packaging and report the result to you. In the following we can clarify your needs together with you and offer to conduct the assessment for your whole assortment.

Standardized and comprehensible analysis

The assessment of your packaging is conducted based on the following process:

  1. As a first step we conduct a pre-analysis to work out the data base and to define packaging groups
  2. Within the following step we check the existence of the infrastructure for collection, sorting, and recycling for your packaging
  3. Within the third step we assess the sortability of your packaging. It is examined if the packaging is sorted according to its main component.
  4. As a fourth step the separability of the components within the recycling processes, as well as its compatibility is assessed. The components which are used to produce new raw materials are accounted to the recyclable amounts of the packaging.
  5. You receive your result as certificate (PDF file). On a second sheet all conducted calculation steps and explanatory statements are documented. When assessing whole packaging assortments you receive a clearly arranged register containing the documentation of all assessment steps, sources, and results. To better communicate sustainability in terms of recyclability to your customers you receive our seal of approval.
Seal of approval „VERY GOOD“

All results are communicated in five marks (very good – insufficient) and in percentage points (recyclable proportion of weight).

The assessment of recyclability can as well be conducted for products such as e.g. household goods to communicate the usage of sustainable product components and to optimize sustainability where applicable.

Optimization of packaging sustainability

We gladly define improvement possibilities concerning the recyclability of your packaging. We keep track on the multitude of tasks packaging inherits. Potential goal conflicts concern prevention, marketing, functionality, costs, and processing procedures. We willingly send examples upon request.

Use of recycled plastics

Taking the requirements for certain product groups into account we can offer assistance concerning the use of recycled plastics. We can identify reasonable product groups or single items for recycled plastics use, can qualify the best possible commodities and suppliers, and can initiate and accompany the implementation of recycled commodities into your products. Through our comprehensive documentation you additionally receive an overview on optimization possibilities within your supply chain.

Our services

  • Identification of appropriate products and packaging included
  • Monitoring processes within the supply chain
  • Utilization of possibile savings through the use of recycled materials

The use of recycled materials is not only beneficial for the environment, but delivers the basis for the creation of case-studies and best-practices to communicate your sustainability measures to your customers. We can assist you at this point as well.

The focus is the eco-friendly design of packaging and products

To measure the sustainability of your packaging or product the single-point examination of recyclability is oftentimes not sufficient. Frequently, the recycling of a packaging leads to contaminations in the re-granulate. Those contaminations decrease the quality and the market value of the recycled material.

Economical value for circular economy

We are able to rank the value of your packaging within the recycling process and can compare it to the maximum possible value. By this we can not only determine recyclable quantities but the qualities of secondary materials. By our optimization approaches we are able to as well improve the quality of the commodity resulting from recycling.

Ecological potentials

Besides the already mentioned quantitative and qualitative figures we account for the CO2e emission savings potential realized by the recyclability of your packaging based on cases and studies. We constantly expand our data basis to deliver statistically evaluable data, which you can use in communication to your customers.

Template for your free sample assessment

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