Who we are

We are convinced that the advantages of digitalization can only be realized by a holistic approach and personal contacts. Especially in the circular economy context it is of utmost importance to include the whole supply chain when starting new projects. The aim is to develop a system which offers value for every party involved. We are committed to strengthen the use of recyclates by simplifying and fastening the initiation of new partnerships.

Our services:

  • Listing of suppliers of recycled commodities and their offers
  • Connecting need and demand for recycled plastics and associated services
  • Precise identification of plastic commodities for plastic converters
  • Evaluation and certification of the recyclability of your packaging and products
  • Specific consulting concerning the use of recycled plastics in production
  • Assistance in implementing the use of recycled plastics in production

Konstantin Humm, Andreas Bastian

Our young and engaged team unifies experiences from software engineering, material flow management, and process optimization.

Just send us an email when you have any questions or you need further information.

Die Geschäftsführer der plastship GmbH Konstantin Humm und Andreas Bastian

Together with the experience and expertise of RIGK GmbH plastship is developing digital solutions for the circular economy. It is our common aim to take one step further towards the closed-loop in plastics recycling.

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