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Homepage News plastship commences operation of OdorCheckerSpot (OCS) from 3S

April 17, 2024

plastship commences operation of OdorCheckerSpot (OCS) from 3S

An odour assessment device for recyclates


Waldems, April 2024

Plastship has taken a significant step towards improving the material quality of recyclates. By integrating the OdorCheckerSpot (OCS), an advanced odour assessment device developed by 3S GmbH, into their in-house material testing laboratory, the company is opening up new possibilities in quality control. The OCS enables objective and reproducible odour quality assessments. Using temperature-modulated gas sensors and AI-based analysis, odour intensities can be precisely measured and compared with a comprehensive database of reference samples.

This innovative technology allows plastship to evaluate the odour quality of recyclates during various process stages and continuously monitor process quality. Compared to traditional methods, the OCS offers higher reproducibility and is available around the clock. This is particularly relevant as odours are often a limiting factor for the use of recyclates in high-quality applications. By integrating the OCS into the laboratory of the PlastCert division of its parent company RIGK GmbH, plastship can ensure that the tested recyclates meet the high demands of customers and industry standards.

Through the use of the OCS, plastship and 3S GmbH aim to further enhance the quality of plastics recycling and promote the sustainable use of recyclates. This technology promises to become an essential component in the quality assurance chain and increase the acceptance of recyclates in the industry. “The introduction of the OCS in our laboratory is a significant step in our efforts to assess the quality of recyclates,” says Andreas Bastian, Managing Director at plastship. “We are confident that this technology will help us overcome the challenges in odour assessment and offer our customers products of the highest quality.”

Interested parties in testing or case studies are warmly invited to contact us. We are happy to provide further details and will share specific use cases in the future.

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