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Homepage News Precision in plastics recycling: Veridis and plastship promote quality of recyclates

June 14, 2024

Precision in plastics recycling: Veridis and plastship promote quality of recyclates

The Plastics Recycling Show Europe (PRSE) is fast approaching on June 19 - 20, and two companies dedicated to improving plastic recycling will be presenting their latest developments: plastship GmbH and its premium partner Veridis Technologies B.V. The partnership between the two companies aims to optimize the quality of recyclates, thereby promoting sustainable resource management.

Veridis, a specialist in environmental technologies, has developed a process with its MADSCAN technology that enables precise analysis of plastic material flows. 

Plastship utilizes Veridis's MADSCAN technology to certify the quality of recyclates.

This collaboration is part of the PlastCert department of RIGK, where joint material tests are conducted. The integration of MADSCAN into our laboratory allows for the accurate determination of the purity and composition of materials before processing, thus guaranteeing the quality of the recyclates.

This technology is crucial for improving the quality of recyclates and meeting the requirements for pure and high-quality recycled materials. 

With an accuracy of over 99%, MADSCAN can identify and classify different polymer fractions in complex plastic batches, ensuring the reliability and consistency of the end products.

The cooperation between Plastship and Veridis demonstrates how the use of advanced technologies can strengthen the circular economy and increase the use of recyclates. Furthermore, the partnership represents another significant step towards a more sustainable future where plastics retain their value, and quality and sustainability go hand in hand.

Interested parties who wish to learn more about the partnership and the services offered can meet Plastship and Veridis at PRSE. You can meet us at booth J1 in hall 12, Veridis at R32 and join us in advancing the use of recyclates and thus a functioning circular economy with plastics.

Below you will find a few curve analysis results of the MADSCAN applied to different types of plastic:


Curve analysis HDPE & PP
Curve analysis HDPE & HIPS
Curve analysis 51.4% LDPE & 48.6% HDPE mix

Further information:

Mathijs Kuil
Business developer/analyst Veridis Technologies B.V.
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