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Chemetall GmbH

Additive Partner
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Additive Partner

Chemetall GmbH

The Surface Treatment global business unit of BASF’s Coatings division, operating under the Chemetall brand, is a leading supplier of applied surface treatments with 40 subsidiaries and 21 production sites worldwide. We at Chemetall address future issues such as climate change and waste generation by developing solutions for sustainable cleaning processes for recycling plastic waste.

Carlo Bouwmeester

Global Segment Manager Plastics

Languages: German, English, Dutch


Offers from our Additive Partner

  • Gardobond®-Additive H 7344 

    Wetting agent for plastic recycling processes: specific floating agents for increased performance

    • Increased separation sink-float
  • Gardo® Pure WT 8752 

    Organic coagulant for waste water treatment

    • Improved waterparameter; Reduced COD Effluent
    • Optimised watercirculation
  • Gardofloc® Q 5950 

    Flocculant for efficient agglomeration of pollutions in water treatment processes

    • improved solid liquid separation
  • Gardoclean® S 5150 

    Cleaner additive for plastic recycling processes: specifically formulated to clean different plastic materials

    • Minimum organic final residue
    • Minimum foaming
    • Reduction of glue polluted flakes
    • Increased put-through
    • Minimised yellowing
    • Absence of silicone residue
    • Increased sustainability

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