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Homepage News Stronger Together: plastship and partners set new standards in the circular economy at PRSE

June 17, 2024

Stronger Together: plastship and partners set new standards in the circular economy at PRSE

When innovation and recycling come together, solutions emerge that revolutionize the effectiveness of the circular economy with plastics.

Under the trade fair motto "Empower plastics recycling: join our taskforce to establish industrial material standards through quality assessment, technology, and networking!" plastship GmbH, 3S GmbH, and R.A.M. GmbH will showcase at PRSE 2024, how their collaboration strengthens the circular economy and promotes the use of recyclates. At plastship’s booth at this year's Plastics Recycling Show Europe (PRSE) – the leading trade fair for plastics recycling – held from June 19 to 20, 2024, in Amsterdam, they will present the latest technologies and strategies regarding the plastic circular economy.

plastship at PRSE 2024

Plastship serves as a procurement platform and network for quality and transparency in plastics recycling. 3S brings precision and innovation to quality control with its odor measurement technology, such as the OdorCheckerSpot (OCS)R.A.M. enhances the purity of recycled materials through optical control combined with advanced extrusion technology like their PQMex und trägt somit zur Reinheit der Recyclingmaterialien bei. Together with RIGK’s business unit PlastCert, these companies form a material benchmark to measure material qualities.

Andreas Bastian, Managing Director of plastship, comments on the companies' presence at the trade fair: "The PRSE is an excellent platform for us to highlight and further advance the importance of high-quality recyclates. Our cooperation with our partners is a crucial step in driving the circular economy forward."

The plastship booth is located in Hall 12, Stand J1. There, you can expect innovative product and material presentations, services, and the opportunity to speak with the experts from the collaboration.

Visit us at the PRSE to help shape the future of the circular economy. See for yourself the quality and shared commitment to effective plastic recycling. Our partners Baerlocher, Veridis, Evonik, Chemetall und Kraton sind in Amsterdam vertreten. Lassen Sie uns gemeinsam die Branche vorantreiben!

Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der neuen plastship-Website.

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